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MonoRab™ 항체 서비스

서비스 특징 (Service Feature)

MonoRab™ 항체 제작 절차

서비스 세부내역 (Service Details)

Phase Description Timeline Deliverables
I) Animal Immunization 4 rabbits (express or conventional immunization) Express: 5-6 weeks
Conventional: 8-10 weeks
  • Antiserum report
  • Small scale pAb purification (optional)
II) B Cell Cloning and Screening 1 round of B cell cloning 3 weeks
  • Positive clones report
  • 1 ml B cell supernatant delivery, up to 50 clones (optional)
    Additional screening and increased clone number delivery options available
III) Antibody Sequencing & Small Scale Transfection Sequencing of 5 customer- selected clones, followed by small scale rAb expression 3 weeks
  • Sequence reports
  • Up to 5 rab supernatants (2 ml), or purified rAb (0.1 mg)
    Additional sequencing and supernatant delivery options available
IV) Recombinant Antibody Production Scalable expression of selected recombinant rabbit mAbs 3 weeks
  • Sequencing report
  • Purified antibody

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