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Polyclonal Express™ 항체 서비스

서비스 특징 (Service Feature)

서비스 세부내역 (Service Details)

Feature Details 서비스 1 ( Cat no : SC1180) 서비스 2 ( Cat no : SC1676)
Immunization 항원 합성 1 peptide 1 protein
Immunized rabbit의 수 2
Deliverables Negative Control Total IgG (optional : Pre-immune serum or total serum protein delivery
항원 샘플 2mg of Peptide antigen 200ug Protein
항원 Affinity purified polyclonal Antibodies 1(2-6mg total) 2(3-12mg total)
Guarantee Application ELISA titer 1:256,000 WB positive for target protein antigen binding : ELISA titer 1:256,000
Antibody Yield 1 purified pAb ≥ 2 mg 2 separately purified pAbs (1.5 - 6mg/ rabbit)
Timeline 45일 10-11주

서비스 Application Guide

Assays Western Blot Sandwich ELISA IF, IHC, Flow Cytometry IP ChIP
Requirements&Rating Rationale
  • Average affinity and specific recognition.
  • High specificity and sensitivity.
  • Ability to use same pAb as both capture and detection.
  • High specificity and sensitivity.
  • Conformational epitope recognition.
  • Recognize multiple epitopes
    • recovers more target
    • overcomes obscured epitopes
  • Conformational epitope recognition

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